Urban Development

Urban Development
Prioritize enhancing the standard of living through initiatives that improve the public welfare through the strategic development. As Charlottesville transitions from a town to a city with the increase in population plans of expansion to an "Urban Ring" are imperative, including master plans for: (land use or zoning) commercial and housing development, protection and use of the environment, maintaining air quality, economic activities, transportation and road design.
Work in collaboration with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development combined with local resources and funding to continue to provide equitable opportunities while assisting low-income individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency.
A Greater Charlottesville aims to provide solutions that benefit all residents alike improving the community hubs ensures that issues are properly being addressed to offer a range of activities, programs and services that tailor to the specific community or neighborhoods.
Maintaining public safety through fair and just policing with civilian oversight from Charlottesville Police Civilian Review Board.


Taking initiatives to monitor the impact of human activity on the environment to maintain public health through ensuring that measures are being applied to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in efforts to prevent climate change and reduce energy costs as we strive for a more sustainable Charlottesville.
Introduce a Retrofit Project that will replace the existing light bulbs with a lesser kW/hr consumption per year, reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions to conserve energy while reducing costs.
Locations: Commercial or Housing locations occupied by faculty of the City of Charlottesville, Housing Choice Voucher or Charlottesville Redevelopment Housing Authority and Piedmont Housing Alliance tenants. 
Launch a Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program in efforts to measure the concentration of greenhouse gases through quantitative data to monitor the impact of these preventative projects in annual reporting. 
In compliance with the Urban Agriculture Collective enhancing the proficiency of the treated land dedicated for the usage of community gardens to foster vegetation and the Food Equity Initiative by providing food equity for low-income individuals and families while encouraging collaborative partnerships within the city. 

Applying a Tree Conservation Ordinance to protect trees through land use design and development as a preservative environmental management initiative to maintain the city's air quality, prevent flooding or landslides and increase real estate value.   

Public Safety

The Pre-Trial Policy is a requisite that will allow low-level offenders to receive the recommendation of a no bail determination and to return home as the defendant awaits trial or sentencing, reducing annual expenditures by reducing the cost per inmate per day ($93.96) at Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail.

For Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, in compliance with the Offender & Aid Restoration ensuring that alternative programs and diversion systems are efficiently working to reduce recidivism and the rehabilitative efforts of these recommendations.

To reduce incidences involving gun violence it is necessary to implement Firearm Policies that will work to re-establish the existing bylaws that derive from the Second Amendment, preventing individuals with mental illness from bearing a firearm upheld through detailed screenings prior to any purchase.

Require law enforcement individuals to regularly attend trainings that demonstrate proper procedures to follow during arrests and de-escalation strategies in efforts to prevent police brutality with approved physical intervention training courses.

In regards to public safety, it is imperative to take into account the efforts of Home to Hope and the support they offer to individuals re-entering into society prior to sentencing, measuring their contribution to the community with discriminate adjustments to the budget. 

Properly allocating the $300,000 divested from Charlottesville Police Department to support civilian welfare, social reform and public works (e.i. Bucksquad, Guns Down Inc.)

Public Safety

Equitable Education

It is proven fact that an individual's level of education is directly correlated to their future quality of life promoting self-sufficiency through supportive classroom constructs. 

Make alterations to the Contingency Learning Plan that will enhance the quality of education by ensuring that individuals are receiving the proper resources for students opting to remain enrolled in the hybrid of virtual learning model. 

Addressing the proposal of the 2013 school reconfiguration by prioritizing the expansion of Walker Elementary school to support the increase in enrollment from the redistricting of Virginia. 

Constructing inclusive classrooms with instructional strategies that enhance learning outcomes through rigorous curriculums with assistance in creating a roadmap that will heighten post-graduation success. 

Authorized by Yas Ariel J. Washington for Charlottesville City Council